Hello Peter! I love your music, it is very beautiful and relaxing, and at the moment, I went through a hard medical treatment, peace is something I need and your songs give me.

Jose M. Bortolotto

Eternally Grateful

I have never heard anyone play like Peter. It is as if the music flows through him endlessly. I am nearing 23 years of continuous sobriety and am blessed to be the director of a substance abuse treatment program for the homeless.

Peter’s music has led many clients onto a spiritual path, where spiritual beliefs are transformed into spiritual experiences. It is a profound transformation to bear witness to. I have used Peter’s music in a clinical setting in a progressive, "out of the box", cutting-edge manner, and now other treatment programs are beginning to follow suit.

I am so grateful for Peter’s gift, for who he is, and for all that he represents. His music is an inspiration for so many who are on a spiritual path. His incredible gift has greatly assisted me and countless other recovering addicts and alcoholics to stay sober. There is a Higher Power flowing through him every time he sits behind a piano. For this, I am eternally grateful. A lot of other people are too!

Roger Yoakum

Calm my Emotions

Peter’s music is a stream of healing energy. While in treatment for breast cancer, and later radiation-provoked cardiac issues, I used his music day and night to calm my emotions. His soul-balancing compositions helped me change my story from fear and anxiety to a spiritual awakening. I now gratefully and joyously embrace that all is unfolding perfectly in the Divine Order of my life.

Lisa Curtis

Moved to Tears

The sound coming from the belly of the majestic instrument resonated inside of me. I was surrounded by it, comforted by the beautiful improvisation Peter created just for me. A unique and unforgettable event. I was moved to tears!

Mimi Gabriel


I want to THANK YOU so much as your music has had so much impact on me and my life. Your music has given me the inspiration to find myself once again. It gave me the ability to dig deep into myself and find my inner strength. To see what I did not see. It gave me the inspiration to BELIEVE. Thank you, Peter!

Shawn Vij  

Nature is Singing

Peter, you are such an exceptional pianist and a modest one! Your music is Romantic and Impressionistic at the same time. It has freshness and warmth as if Nature itself is singing.

Sophia Agranovich Concert Pianist

Love and New Discovery

Dear Peter, my journey back to wellness is not "back" at all, it is the start of my journey to love and new discovery. You, my dear brother, are part of this thing I have no words for. Listening to your heart is opening a passage to a world that makes the world of fear fall away. The sound you give to the world is a call to awake. The gift you give silences the chatter that blocks the song of the heavens. The miracle happens my dear brother is when you share your gift with anyone who has ears to listen. Witnessing a room full of grown children each one in their uniqueness, drifting inward creating a world of sublime peace from the story you tell. You will never know how you have touched the world and changes you have brought about.

Dan Heleen

Absolutely the best experience I’ve ever had! My heart burst open!

Joy Gorman

Essence of my Being

My soul was dancing with delight as a musical masterpiece was created right at the moment. It was awe-inspiring to witness the birth of a song that was in tune with my energy. It felt as if the melody captured the very essence of my being. It was a sound bath for my soul, incredibly magical and profound.

Tanya Gabriel


I seized the opportunity to be with the vibration of the music under the piano and it was a miraculously healing. A chronic pain in my lower body released and has not come back!

Deb Valentina

With Deep Appreciation

Peter, I attended your beautiful concert and was blessed to experience hearing your music while lying underneath the piano. I have to share with you that being present to your music live and listening to it every day since has created a profound opening experience in my heart, something I find almost hard to describe with words. It is like it has touched every sadness, every hurt, every deep joy and let me know and feel that I can let that all be, that I can let go of attachment to thinking things need to be a certain way in my life and has left me with a profound sense of peace that continues to be present in everything I do. I am deeply grateful to you for sharing your gift as I continue to be moved by this experience which feels like an awakening in me. With Deep Appreciation

Christiana Donovan