Medicine for the Soul

Peter’s Maui Retreat was medicine for the soul! A gathering of a dozen strangers who became life long friends while sharing in sacred Hawaiian ceremonies, amazing gourmet meals (3 a day!), daily trips to amazing beaches, kayaking with humpback whales (yes literally) private evening concerts with incredible local talent and hours of private house concerts with our favorite Grammy winning pianist/composer Peter. A week we will never forget!

Mark Fields

Go - Just Go

Promotional material for this retreat made it sound fantastic. And, in this case, reality far exceeded expectations! The accommodations were gorgeous, the food exquisite, and the outings delightful. Even more important was the intimacy of the experience. If you love Peter Kater’s music, you’ll be thrilled to experience him performing for a small group that includes you. You’ll also find instant commonality with other people who love his music. Add to all this, you’re in Hawaii! Go. Just Go.

Carol Cavanough


Peter Kater's Art of Presence Retreat at the Dancing Spirit Ranch in Whitefish, Montana was magical. Actually, it's very difficult to describe in one word, or even a thousand words. That's because you have to experience it! Imagine days filled with time spent in the idyllic natural setting of Dancing Spirit Ranch, Peter playing his awesome music live every day, incredible food, getting to know Peter and a great group of amazing people through conversations on spirituality, presence, and the universe, time to spend exploring the beautiful ranch, all capped off with music around a fire every night. Then add to those optional or occasional activities, like morning yoga, an afternoon spent floating down Whitefish river, a visit to Glacier National Park, massages, a personal musical reading with Peter, and so much more. Like I said, you will have to experience it!

Ken Evans ... Colorado

Mind Blowing

I attended Peter Kater’s Art of Presence Retreat in Whitefish, Montana. The Course In Miracles teaches us that miracles are a natural occurrence...and if they aren’t happening something is wrong. This past week I witnessed (for myself and others) so many uncanny experiences that I can only label them as miraculous. Thank you for facilitating such a mind-blowing trip. I’ll forever be in awe of it. There are no words or pictures to describe the feeling

Kathryn Bower ... New Jersey

Lova and Aloha

Having loved the peace your music brings me since the early 80’s, the opportunity to join you for a week in paradise was a dream come true. Your 2019 Maui whale watching, lunar retreat showed me that your genius extends way beyond the keys of your piano.

To be able to mix complete strangers into unbelievable connectedness through your music, compassion and love is an amazing gift. Thank you!

You have surrounded yourself with very talented and gifted friends! The food was amazing, the schedule was flexible but attentive, the music was mind blowing!! It will be one of my most treasured memories. I am anxiously awaiting my special piano reading!

In fact, I think that you need to save me a room in the Cedar house for your 2020 Montana retreat!!

Blessed be Peter!

Diana Cummings

It Gets Better

Just when I thought Peter Kater’s Montana Retreat was as good as it got . . . it got even better in Maui. I loved both experiences. I stepped away from both experiences filled with a greater love Peter’s Music, a deeper connection to the beauty of nature, the wonderful camaraderie of new found friends, and with Maui especially, memories of outstanding cuisine. For another week of total restoration and inspiration, I am filled with gratitude for your generosity in sharing your gifts with me. Thank you Peter.

Lisa Ciampa

Bridge to Healing

Peters’ music is a bridge to healing, peace and love. The Maui retreat was a reflection of his music and his heart.

This retreat re-energized the need to live in the moment. Soak in nature often and with focus and awe.

The people I was surrounded by, embraced and displayed love and compassion, from day 1-minute 1.

The food was outstanding. Events were inspirational, inclusive and unique. All the music soothed my soul.

Peters’ Maui retreat was first class and will be remembered forever.

Doug Cummings

Born Again

Peter Kater's Art of Presence Retreat at the Dancing Spirit Ranch in Whitefish, Montana was an extraordinary experience like no other for me. I came into it with the intention of bringing joy into my life with his music, his insight, the magnificent location in which to spend 7 magical days, with a group of loving and inspirational people and to be completely in the present. I go home with a sense of almost being born again; incredibly rejuvenated and filled with optimism for my future...taking home a little paradise with me to forever remember.

Lisa Ciampa


Peter Kater's Art of Presence Retreat at the Dancing Spirit Ranch in Whitefish, Montana was an amazing restorative experience for me. I left my island home to go on a much needed vacation and decided to attend this artistic, spiritual retreat. I was able to let go of my work and responsibilities. This spot is sacred because the owners make it so with detail and special care for this land. This magnificent land has energy spots mapped out and monuments built by the owners to encourage the guests to meditate and reflect. The beds are super comfortable and I love the fluffy pillows and bedding. Peter Kater's music was amazing! He had many local guest musicians perform for us every night at the campfire.and a special guest Geri "Little John” who accompanied with her flute. We enjoyed camp fires at twilight and into the night. I met a lot of likeminded people here and wonderful new friends on this journey. These retreats attract people you are supposed to meet. We were pampered and the staff was at our beck and call. Good people and great service! The food was healthy and made with love. Who would think healthy food could taste so wonderful! Peter did a great job organizing events and activities for us to do if we wanted to see of Montana outside of the ranch. In a WORD “Heavenly.”

Kathy McCartney ... Hawaii

Joy Overflowing

Peter, I can’t thank you enough for creating the space for us to meet. I don’t say this lightly: I’ve been transformed. It was (and is) one of the most special and powerful times of my life. "IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE LIVING FOR TODAY" *** THE ART OF PRESENCE!

Sylvia Lutyen


Wow!!!! is all I can say!!!

Thank you for creating such a wonderful experience. Being immersed in the Maui culture and your music over a week was a treat of a lifetime. I will recommend this experience to anyone without any hesitation at all!!

And the culinary experience goes without words.

Thank you once again. My wife and I will have something to share the rest of our lives.

Keith DiGrazio


Thank you Peter, for providing an amazing experience for me & my husband during the Maui Retreat. It was filled with spectacular performances by you & many other talented musicians! We enjoyed the delicious food that your team of chefs prepared for us. We enjoyed our time in the beautiful accommodations you set up & also loved spotting the whales, sea turtles & manatees! All of the guests in the house were lovely & we enjoyed getting to know them. Your spiritual friend, Richard blessed us with a beautiful ceremony at 'Iao Valley. You showed us gorgeous beaches! Thank you so much for everything!!

Christine DiGrazio

Unable to Describe

Peter Kater's Art of Presence Retreat at the Dancing Spirit Ranch in Whitefish, Montana was an experience that I am unable to use words to describe. To understand the depth of this extraordinary experience it would be necessary to enter my spirit and my heart.

Tommy Spain ... North Carolina

Spirit Soars

Time warps and spirit soars in the presence of the genius of Peter and the divine space that he creates with his music, location and activities. The most spiritually rewarding gift I have ever given myself! Thank you Peter and Dancing Spirit Ranch.

Tim Henry ... Calgary

Pure Magic

Peter Kater's Art of Presence Retreat at the Dancing Spirit Ranch in Whitefish, Montana was a transformative experience. Peter's music took us on daily journeys with the lovely, peaceful space of Dancing Spirit Ranch as the backdrop. We laughed, we cried, and we loved one another and ourselves. We were well cared for by the lovely people at the Ranch. We came as individuals with various intentions, and we left as family feeling more love and presence than we could have dreamed of. The week was pure magic!

Traci Schacht ... Alaska


The experience I had with the recent “Art of Presence” retreat in Montana exceeded any and all expectations I had. The site where we stayed was perfect. The vast land we had to explore, the incredible people who own the land made us feel like family. I have never been treated as warmly as I was there. The camaraderie and closeness that happened between all of the attendees was amazing. We have all committed to staying in touch with each other, we grew that close in such a short time together. Peter promised it would be an intimate experience sharing and healing. He kept his promise. We shared secrets, pain, healing, and growth. I was personally pushed out of my comfort zone about singing by the group and so grateful for that growth. And last but not least the MUSIC... It will change and heal you I learned. Anyone who has the opportunity to attend a future retreat with Peter, go, it will change your life... Thank you, Peter, for an amazing experience I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Janis Gain ... Tampa Florida

Spirituality Expanding

Peter Kater's "Art of Presence Retreat " at the amazing brand new Dancing Spirit Ranch in Whitefish, Montana was an absolutely enchanting and enlightening journey within. The ranch is so much more than a retreat center. It’s a serene landing place and gateway to many spirituality expanding sites and pathways throughout the property. Adding to that Peter's piano sessions, sound immersions, special guests, yoga, river floats, exceptional accommodations, wonderful meal creators and the most generous hosts, it becomes a not to be missed week of heart opening joy.

Trish Bowden ... Pennsylvania


Magical, delicious, mystical and abundant. And that’s just the music! Peter has created an incredible journey of Maui through his eyes. An experience of a lifetime.

Trish Padilla