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Multi-platinum selling Pianist/Composer Peter Kater has been leading innovator of contemporary instrumental music for over 30 years. He’s received many awards and accolades for his rich and diverse music including a Grammy Award for Best New Age album in 2018 and 2019 plus 14 Grammy nominations over the last 13 years. A prolific composer, he’s released over 60 critically acclaimed recordings and has scored the music for over 100 television and film productions including 11 On & Off-Broadway dramatic plays. From solo piano and contemporary jazz ensembles to full orchestral works his music is heard all over the world crossing many genres from the Olympics, the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall to the treatment rooms of hundreds of thousands massage and healing practitioners. He is known for his many groundbreaking collaborations with musicians such as Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai; Tibetan flutist Nawang Khechog; Sting guitarist Dominic Miller and Sacred Chantress Snatam Kaur. And as avid environmentalist and humanitarian Peter is a proud recipient of the Environment Leadership Award from the United Nations.

Kater is astute. He seems to know the piano as well as Babe Ruth knew baseball or Hemingway the art of fiction.

— Rocky Mountain News

Peter deserves high accolades for his musical achievements. He can fully explore the creative potential of his instrument . . . a remarkable gift for improvisation. I honestly felt chills as he began to play his exquisite music.

— New Frontier Magazine

If you want to be utterly transported, you want the magic and the music of Peter Kater. Once you hear what his mind, his heart, his soul and his fingers do with a keyboard, nothing less and nothing else will do. 

— Neale Donald Walsch

Author of Conversations With God

Kater has earned a distinct place among the most respected and prolific artist of the genre.

— Jazziz Magazine

There are only a few things in my life that get me stirred to the point that I will drop whatever I’m doing… one of those events is any new work from Peter Kater… the overtones he pulls out of his piano (on Dancing On Water) are simply amazing … one of the most beautiful piano works I’ve heard over the last five years . . . masterful pacing . . . (this is a) totally engaging exposure to Peter’s soul.  I give him a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating of (a perfect) 5.00 for this most eloquent journey in beauty.

Dick Metcalf

Editor, Contemporary Fustion Reviews

10 Fun Facts about Peter

  1. Peter lives on Maui, Hawaii. He starts and ends his days on the beach.
  2. December thru April each year, Peter likes to paddle board out a mile or so off shore to listen to “whale song” from the Humpback Whales. 
  3. Peter loves to play the piano for people while they're lying under the piano. He enjoys the intimacy of connecting with one person at a time.
  4. In his senior year in High School in New Jersey, Peter was voted "Class Musician", "Class BS artist" and "Class Flirt".
  5. In the late 1970s, Peter improvised "live" with Allen Ginsberg reciting his poetry on several occasions. 
  6. Peter's 1st album "Spirit" - came out when he was the age of 25.
  7. Peter's favorite food is Japanese cuisine and he is a self-proclaimed "sushi snob”. One of the best sushi restaurants in the world is on Maui. 
  8. Although Peter is comfortable on stage - he is a quiet and often shy introvert. He prefers to be alone or socializing "one on one" instead of larger or group social situations and prefers silence over mundane “talk”. 
  9. Peter’s favorite recording artist is Sting. 
  10. Peter loves green teas and anything Matcha. 

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