Tuesday, 25 July 2017
New Releases

coverlove6 148x128LOVE
This is Peter’s first Solo Piano release in over 10 years and is possibly his most personal and intimate recording ever. It is a generous offering of over 70 minutes of improvisations and compositions all inspired by LOVE with detailed liner notes about the meaning and circumstances surrounding each song. This recording embodies the many subtleties, joys, vulnerabilities, excitement, fears and deeply transformational qualities of our most essential and powerful emotion . . . LOVE. To listen to samples click here.

Peter scored the music for this 3 hour PBS series airing Spring/Summer of 2016.  Check your local TV listings. 
Listen / Order the Soundtrack on iTunes here.

Consistent with Peter’s great body of work, Etheria is both exquisitely delicate and majestically inspiring, as though one were able to sonically tiptoe among the heavens and experience a magic box of wonder. Suitable for relaxing or meditative pursuits, or just the sheer pleasure of listening. To listen to samples, for more info, and to order the CD, click here.

In their first recording together in over 10 years, Native American Flutist, R. Carlos Nakai and Pianist/Composer, Peter Kater, stand once again united on sacred ground.   Joined by legendary reedman, Paul McCandless; etherial vocalist, Trisha Bowden; and celebrated cellist, Jaques Morelenbaum, RITUAL invokes a rich and soulful exploration of Self within a musical landscape created through deep listening, presence and love.

illumination Illumination
llumination takes us on an inner journey in four movements laced with sweet spaciousness and an alluring landscape of heart centered instrumentation. Peter's soul stirring piano, keyboards, vocals and Native American flute;  Michael Fitzpatrick's poignant cello; Trisha Bowden's angelic vocals; Mark Miller and Bob Rebholz's rich soprano saxophones and Todd Boston's glistening acoustic guitar combine to create an atmosphere of love, compassion, healing and expansiveness that invites and nurtures the flame of Illumination.

HOTU Final Cover Heart of The Universe
A ground-breaking musical partnership between multi-Grammy Award nominated pianist, Peter Kater, and renowned Sacred Chantress, Snatam Kaur. We invite you on a journey through the intimate pathways of these soulful songs and ancient mantra chants enlivened by soaring piano arrangements and the rich textures of the Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra.   Allow yourself to surrender and fall deeply yet lightly into this very personal unfolding and you may just find your Self at the Heart of the Universe.

LightBodyCoverLight Body
This music was created as an uplifting and supportive audial companion for life's many challenges, transitions and metamorphosis.  It has been found to be particularly healing, comforting and inspiring for people facing everything from common daily stress, disease, trauma and even the process of dying.  Using the seven chakras as a map, this is a musical journey towards love, peace and acceptance than can provide significant relief to individuals and loved ones facing changing circumstances.

wrsf-smWind, Rock, Sea & Flame
I recorded this music as a way of acknowledging and giving thanks for the profound beauty that is available to us on this Earth. And to communicate and share my experience with as many people as possible in the hopes that it will nurture, heal and inspire others as it has me.

KaterAquaPuraSpaSpa Aqua Pura
- Peter Kater


SpaSouthwestSpa Southwest
- Peter Kater


KaterEuroSpaSpa Euro
Peter Kater


Call-Of-LoveCall of Love
Peter invites three of the most gifted musicians of our time to create a beautifully melodic, richly colorful and textural recording that transcends many genre's at once. This is a pure hybrid of instrumental music originating from the core of Peter's most prolific and inspired Muse, the Natural World. This musical enchantment was born far away from the demands of the material world and mind. Here, in the "real" world, the natural world, within each moment and from every direction, resounds the Call Of Love.

In A DreamIn A Dream
Multi-Grammy Award Nominees, pianist Peter Kater, and guitarist Dominic Miller (STING) dissolve the borders between guitar and piano; classical and jazz; simple and complex. Soulful cello by Jaques Morelenbaum and lush vocal harmonies by Kenny Loggins add to this stunning album of acoustic instrumental compositions. A recording this beautiful comes along only once in a long while.

3 new Healing Series CDs

Music for Purification, Inspiration, Exaltation and Self-Expression. Vol. 3 of Multi-Grammy Award nominee, Peter Kater's, Award Winning Healing Series is true nectar for the Soul. Peter collaborates here with renowned Brazilian cellist, Jaques Morelenbaum and Multi-Instrumentalist Richard Hardy playing bamboo flutes and zaphoon. A truly intoxicating ensemble of sound.

Walk in BeautyWalk in Beauty
Music for Balance, Integrity, Grace, Right Action and Right Relations. Vol. 4 of Multi-Grammy nominee, Peter Kater's, Award Winning Healing Series. The musical alchemy between Peter and Northern Cheyenne Grammy Award nominee, Joseph Firecrow is mesmerizing. Soulful melodies, textural percussion, a well-spring of piano, Native American flute and soaring soprano Saxophone make this recording a true WALK IN BEAUTY.

Cloud Hands

Cloud Hands
Music for Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Walking and All Spiritual/Physical Disciplinary Arts. Vol. 5 of Multi-Grammy Award nominee, Peter Kater's, Award-winning Healing Series. Transcendent piano and synthesizers, Bamboo flutes, acoustic guitar, Tibetan bowls and gentle rhythms dissolve the illusion of time and transport us into Perfect Emptiness, Presence and Harmony.

1 Ritual
2 Illumination
3 Heart of the Universe
4 Light Body
5 Wind, Rock, Sea & Flame Aloha Au Ia 'Oe
6 Call of Love
7 Piano Christmas
8 In A Dream
9 Ambrosia
10 Walk in Beauty