Tuesday, 25 July 2017
Wind of the East

Produced by Peter Kater

Experience the peace and rebirth of a new dawn with Sacred Earth's WIND OF THE EAST (the third of a four CD set based on the Four Directions).

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Wind of the East The soulful Native American flute playing of Joseph Firecrow and the pristine violin of Arvel Bird create a sacred circle of unity with pianist Peter Kater and Sacred Earth's musical vision of rebirth and renewal. Throughout the world tribal people honor the four winds (the four cardinal directions). In some traditions the East Wind is represented by the color yellow symbolizing Spring, insight and visions. Enjoy this timeless musical journey with Sacred Earth.


Peter Kater            Piano, synthesizers
Joseph Firecrow            Native American Flute
Arvel Bird                Violin
Mike Hamilton            Acoustic Guitar

Joseph Firecrow, (Northern Cheyenne People), has been described as one of the most gifted players of the Native American flute and is considered a National Treasure. His creative combinations of traditional and contemporary instrumentation earned him a Grammy Nomination; Songwriter of the Year at the Native American Music Awards and the Flute Category Winner at the Indian Summer Music Awards. Joseph was also recently honored with the Flutist of the Year award at the Native American Music Awards.ARVEL BIRD, Violinist/Flutist/Storyteller, won 2007 Artist of the Year at the Native American Music Awards; 2007 Best Instrumental Recording at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards; and was voted the 2007 Best Native American Male Performer thru online public voting at powwows dot com.

Producer/Composer PETER KATER has worked deeply and extensively with many musicians from many cultures and traditions around the world. Kater received multiple Grammy nominations and the Environmental Leadership Award from the United Nations.  He is constantly looking for a unique creative adventure and is always open to what's next.