Tuesday, 25 July 2017

- FANTASTIC!!    This album is awesome!    This has to be one of the best overall musical albums I've heard in ages. I truly love this album!
  - Liz Doan, Music Design, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
If you want to be utterly transported, you want the magic and the music of Peter Kater. Once you hear what his mind, his heart, his soul, and his fingers do with a keyboard, nothing less, and nothing else, will do.  - Neale Donald Walsch, Author Conversations With God

Peter makes Eco-Challenge more than a soundtrack…the pianist brings together tribal grooves, chamber settings, desert atmospheres, sensual melodies and ethereal spaces ….weaving it all together with keyboard orchestrations and deep, percussively throbbing arrangements.
--- Billboard

Kater is astute. He seems to know the piano as well as Babe Ruth knew baseball or Hemingway the art of fiction.
--- Rocky Mountain News

If Peter Kater's Compassion, the second release in EarthSea Records Healing Arts Series, is any indication of what is to come; we have much to anticipate.
---Vision Magazine

Essence - The genius of Peter Kater rises like the tide and transports us to a deeper region.
---NAPRA Review

Kater has earned a distinct place among the most respected and prolific artists of the genre. --- Jazziz

Peter Kater has returned to the solo piano format (Soul Nature), where he began, a more mature and deeper composer…. Kater’s classical background informs, but doesn’t dominate music that is at turns playfully melodic, exploratory, and introspective.
--- Billboard

On Soul Nature, Kater has it! You can sense it… He’s got the chops and more … Fans of Keith Jarrett’s solo works should embrace Kater’s sincerity and passion at the keys!
--- New Age Voice

The pianist's latest (Rooftops) soars with glistening tunes ... sparkling ... radio friendly ... gently elegant.
--- Billboard

This gem (Rooftops) is perhaps the sweetest and most infectious release of the young year ... astonishingly lovely compositions. --- Music Connection

Migration is an intensely moving collaboration which exemplifies creativity, purpose and melody in music ... pure pleasure. --- Body Mind Spirit Magazine

Peter deserves high accolades for his musical achievements ... he can fully explore the creative potential of his instrument ... a remarkable gift for improvisation ... I honestly felt chills as he began to play his exquisite music. --- New Frontier Magazine

Kater's Rooftops is one of 91's best discs. Now discover what you've been missing and enjoy the holiday season with a true master.
--- Contemporary Jazz Review

This (Honorable Sky) is music that in all its quietude forces one to listen and be moved by its beauty. --- Oakland Tribune