Tuesday, 25 July 2017
Call of Love
Call-Of-LovePeter invites three of the most gifted musicians of our time to create a beautifully melodic, richly colorful and textural recording that transcends many genre's at once. This is a pure hybrid of instrumental music originating from the core of Peter's most prolific and inspired Muse, the Natural World. This musical enchantment was born far away from the demands of the material world and mind. Here, in the "real" world, the natural world, within each moment and from every direction, resounds the Call Of Love.

Call of Love (reg 17.97)
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1. Call Of Love 4:29
2. Breath Of Life 5:06
3. Song Of My Heart 4:01
4. Everlasting Waltz 5:18
5. Here For You 5:12
6. In Every Life 2:32
7. A Tale To Tell 4:49
8. My Beloved 4:39
9. Fields Of Gold 4:26
10. Each Moment 5:10
  • Peter Kater Piano
  • Paul McCandless Oboe, Soprano Saxophone and Penny Whistles
  • Jaques Morelenbaum Cello
  • Dominic Miller Acoustic Guitar

Executive Producers Barry Hauser and Willette Lihew
Recorded and Mixed at Point Of Light Studios, Maui, Hawaii. Engineered by Peter Kater
Additional recording at Casa do Mato Studio in Rio De Janero. Engineered by Dan Sebastion and at Laughing Coyote Studios in Redwood, California. Engineered by Bobby Cochran.
Cover Art by Spar Street www.sparstreet.com
Cover and Package layout by Jeff Lancaster
All songs composed and arranged by Peter Kater and published by Kater Music/BMI except "Fields Of Gold" written by Sting and published by EMI BLACKWOOD MUSIC INC OBO MAGNETIC PUBLISHING LTD.

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A special thanks to John Unangst, Sue Sherman, Jeff Lancaster, Barry Hauser, Lester Hailey and Bill Lihew for your encouragement and support of my creative process. And a special thanks to Spar Street not only for the generous use of his beautiful art for this CD cover, but also for creating such brilliant and inspiring work for the world to enjoy. www.sparstreet.com . And an extra special acknowledgement to my beautiful wife, Gabrielle, for her loving and keen advice and support during this project and always.

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge my friend, Pierce Brosnan, for being a catalyst of inspiration in the composing of this CD. Four of the ten songs on this recording were inspired through a kind of creative spark initiated by Pierce. Some time last year he shared a script with me for an independent film he was producing and starring in. In the script one of the characters played the piano and Pierce wanted to explore musical themes that might be relevant to the character and film in general. Through that, and later contributing the music to Pierce's recent "Save The Whales" campaign, a large portion of this album was born. Thank-you Pierce!

Words cannot express the joy and elation I feel when I allow myself to experience and BE with the almost unreasonable beauty that IS our natural world, our Home. I thank the Universe/God that I CAN experience it's awe and wonderment as often as I do. I know this perfection IS Reality. And for some unexplainable miracle, I can see it. I can hear it's silent roar. It calls to me. Touches me . . . reaches out and talks to me. It reminds me that I am not alone as I am absorbed into it's profound presence. The unspeakable shift. The unthinkable gift. Elation. Here, in the "real" world, the natural world, within each moment and from every direction, resounds the Call Of Love.

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