Tuesday, 25 July 2017
Relaxation Music - Music for the Healing Arts

New Releases

illumination Illumination
llumination takes us on an inner journey in four movements laced with sweet spaciousness and an alluring landscape of heart centered instrumentation. Peter's soul stirring piano, keyboards, vocals and Native American flute;  Michael Fitzpatrick's poignant cello; Trisha Bowden's angelic vocals; Mark Miller and Bob Rebholz's rich soprano saxophones and Todd Boston's glistening acoustic guitar combine to create an atmosphere of love, compassion, healing and expansiveness that invites and nurtures the flame of Illumination.

LightBodyCoverLight Body
This music was created as an uplifting and supportive audial companion for life's many challenges, transitions and metamorphosis.  It has been found to be particularly healing, comforting and inspiring for people facing everything from common daily stress, disease, trauma and even the process of dying.   Using the seven chakras as a map, this is a musical journey towards love, peace and acceptance than can provide significant relief to individuals and loved ones facing changing circumstances.


wrsf-smWind, Rock, Sea & Flame
I recorded this music as a way of acknowledging and giving thanks for the profound beauty that is available to us on this Earth. And to communicate and share my experience with as many people as possible in the hopes that it will nurture, heal and inspire others as it has me.

KaterAquaPuraSpaSpa Aqua Pura
- Peter Kater


SpaSouthwestSpa Southwest
- Peter Kater


KaterEuroSpaSpa Euro
Peter Kater



The Healing Series

Cloud Hands Vol. 5
Music for All Spiritual/Physical Disciplinary Arts.

Walk In Beauty Vol. 4
Music for Balance, Integrity, Grace, Right Action and Right Relations.

Ambrosia Vol. 3
Music for Purification, Inspiration, Exaltation and Self-Expression.

Compassion Compassion Vol. 2
through our human experience into the realm of One-Consciousness

essence Essence Vol. 1
designed to nourish the healing of the emotional body


enchanted waters Enchanted Waters: A Wetlands Tribute
ocean's edge Oceans Edge

1 Light Body
2 Cloud Hands
3 Walk in Beauty
4 Ambrosia
5 Compassion
6 Essence
7 Enchanted Waters: A Wetlands Tribute
8 Oceans Edge